Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love you this much!

For Mother's Day this year I wanted to come up with a Crafternoon gift that suited L (five) and his current focus times and interests. I had a few requirements. I needed something that worked in duplicate (one crafted gift for mum and one for gran), and I needed something that had reasonably fast and varied stages, to hold L's attention. I also wanted to make sure that it conveyed something relevant to him. L displays more interest and focus when he is aware of the plan for the afternoon, and the sequencing of the craft, so this time I thought I'd show him a rough visual while talking the task through.
Supplies Needed: 

Small gift box 
(We used a CD sized box from the local craft store.) 

Coloured Felt 
(one sheet should do for smaller hands.)

around 2 metres

Scissors, craft glue and a marker.

Supplies to decorate the box (paper, stickers, paints, glitter glue, etc.) 
A little slip of paper or gift tag to write a note on.


Trace around juniors hands. 
Cut out hands, or have junior do so, if they are able to use sharp scissors. 
Measure child with ribbon. Try arm span and height, and work out together which one is bigger. 
Cut ribbon to this length. Apply glue to each end, and adhere a hand on each. 

Decorate box and create a gift tag that says 'I love you this much'. 

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