Thursday, June 28, 2012

Junior Crafternoon with painted pots

With the wintery weather dampening any plans for outdoor activities, we decided to paint some pots. We'll be ready for a sunny day, when we can plant something pretty and maybe even find a worm or two.

What we did:

1) Gather acrylic, kid friendly paints and brushes. Lay down some newspaper to protect the table.

2) Stick masking tape on your pot in any pattern you desire.  
L was pretty relaxed about his taping, I had more of a geometric look happening, rather triangular.

3) Brush paint on as you please.  
I kept my colours in blocks, L went for a more freeform approach.

4) Maybe even mix some colours!   
We learned that blue and red make purple, and blue and yellow make green! Blue is a helpful colour! 

5) Wait for the paint to dry.  
Our paint was taking too long, so we used a hair dryer to help speed up the process.

6) Locate the end of your tape, and carefully pull it away from the pot.
Little fingers might need some assistance to find the ends!

7) Admire your pot and ponder what you might like to plant in it.

Terracotta pots are a pretty inexpensive crafting supply. A small pot is only a couple of dollars, and the saucer a little bit more. So this craft could be a great gift to work on as well!
Another option with this pot is to finish the paint with a varnish. We haven't this time, and we'll see how the paints go! I think varnishing just over the paint to the terracotta would be nice, so as to leave that raw feel. 

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