Monday, September 16, 2013

23 ways with pipe cleaners

1)  Cupid's bow and arrow
2) Use as threading tools with beads
3) Weaving
4) Decorate a gift
5) Make jewellery
6) Make a monster (using play dough)
7) Create bugs and butterflies
8) Make a peg doll
9) Make a colander sculpture (Poke into colander holes and shape!)

10) Make a bouquet
11) make napkin rings
12) Decorate a ponytail
13)Create a rainbow
14) Make a snowflake

15) Create people
16)Make a  pipe cleaner paint brush
17) Swirling snake or worm
18) maze (Weaving and threading combined)

 19) 'Magic' magnetic trick

 20) Make crowns and tiaras
21) Make a bubble wand, dipping it in a solution of water and dish washing liquid

22) make fun disguises
23) Make festive decorations

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