Friday, April 20, 2012

About Junior Crafternoon

Crafternoon is a term coined to describe a particular time to get together and partake in the joys of arts and crafts. The best kind of crafternoon is had with sweet treats!

It’s no secret that I love arts and crafts.

I believe that creative play and discovery has the power to educate, comfort and shape our minds, no matter our age. As this is so, I have decided to document my adventures in junior crafternooning, as well as the efforts of others. If I get really organised, I might even manage templates and downloads, if you are lucky! Hopefully I can provide you with references and ideas for your very own junior crafternoon!

I love to see children embracing art the way only they can, with an innocence that is needed with which to have self belief. I aim on encouraging that belief!

Want to contribute? Contact me and we can chat!

My other arts and crafts and things:

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